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Pardon me while I whip this out...

Ok then, thus begins the Boiler Room. At least for me, there are other posts, but I have a secret plan and this will be its birthing place. Please do not step on any placental goo.

Here, will be the posting site for all mis-adventures, past and present for us here. Also I will be finally be putting some of my old time stories into text, thats right folks, things like the baby farm, pants pants revolution, and Project: President Sean, will be examined and well probably cause me to get arrested. And remember kids, when trying to welcome outsiders to this, The Squirrel King and I are judge, jury, and executioner. Well Ill let him judge and jurry, I'll execute with bokenie goodness.

I encourage everyone to start with a drunken quote of theirs,

"One day I will return to my home, stuen. But do not expect me to wear any pants, because you know that pants and I don't get a long."
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