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Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
11:26 pm
Ok, so I deffiantly have a roulette wheel to add to stuen, and I figure somewhere like the boiler room is the one place we can safely gamble without persecution.
However, how do the odds work in roulette? Sean does not know. Since I deal mainly in cards when gambling, other games strike me oddly.

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
12:35 am
Sean in 2005
Sean in 2005
Ok then, so this idea was created while I was drinking with Tommy one night. Sean for ASPLU President. That sad thing is, it seems like something I could do and would be a welcome change of occupation away from campus safety. I was actually considering this last year, but I was in London, thus preventing my access to such a thing.

Campaign Slogan-
Down with pants.
Vote Sean.

Now you may go, damnit sean, no one will take that seriously. Therefor you will never pull this off. Ah ha, how you do not realize that sean is far more clever than that. It does the first few things. You notice something like that. The encouraging of the masses to remove clothing has always been a sure success for attention grabbing. It is a fun and amusing concept, "a vote for me is a vote for not wearing any pants" -God bless you charlton. And finally, it is a metaphor people. The idea that we are required to wear pants is a preconceived idea that is just there. If you are wandering around without pants on as a guy people get confused and look at your strangly. Why is that? So I ask for the removing of preconvieced boundries and to look at issues in a new light. In the words of FDR, if it doesn't work, try something else. I am certain the same issues come up every year, it seems that way with our modern government, so why do we look at it in the same way? One must toss out some old ideas if you are to grow.
That of course would make me sound far to liberal on my own, however it would appeal to a vast amount of people on campus. The more conservatives would not have it though. However would I would bring to the table that they do like... I am a lutheran with a decent working knowledge of scripture and I don't obviously stick out as someone who is going to rule the world. My appealling to classical thinking would also grab some faith as would be my sense of a non realitive world.

Now of course, I need to actually learn what issues are talked about, what things others have done and things that have been looked into. However I feel persona and idealology is more important since it can be applied to situation while situation cannot be applied to idealology without making extremely slanted views.

Project: Sean in 2005 is underway kids.

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
11:37 pm
well, I'm not sure really why we made this community. Sean and I were bored and then it happened. I guess we need something to discuss. Or maybe it would be better to be without plan and just have a great collection of randomness. we do need Sean for 2005.

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5:33 pm
Pardon me while I whip this out...
Ok then, thus begins the Boiler Room. At least for me, there are other posts, but I have a secret plan and this will be its birthing place. Please do not step on any placental goo.

Here, will be the posting site for all mis-adventures, past and present for us here. Also I will be finally be putting some of my old time stories into text, thats right folks, things like the baby farm, pants pants revolution, and Project: President Sean, will be examined and well probably cause me to get arrested. And remember kids, when trying to welcome outsiders to this, The Squirrel King and I are judge, jury, and executioner. Well Ill let him judge and jurry, I'll execute with bokenie goodness.

I encourage everyone to start with a drunken quote of theirs,

"One day I will return to my home, stuen. But do not expect me to wear any pants, because you know that pants and I don't get a long."

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1:58 pm

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1:04 pm
Welcome to The Boiler Room. Request membership to be subjected to our rigorous, arbitrary, and non-existent screening process.

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